Mission Statement

Welcome to Nertobessus or ‘Strength Custom’. This is a project dedicated to athletic cultus in polytheistic lifestyles. It is inspired by the customs found in Okinawa Te, Japanese Karate, Hindu Kalaripayattu, rites to Herakles during the Olympics , Wai Khru Ram Muay in Muay Thai and more.

What this is

A place to inspire others to better themselves in order to get to their best self through athletics/training/exercise integrated with a relationship formed with their gods, ancestors and other beings that have a vested interest in their health and strength. The goal of Nertobessus isn’t to have strength training, healthy exercise or any athletic activity separate from everyday life, but to have the opposite occur in which physical strength melds with spiritual strength and mental focus.

What this is not

This is not a männerbünde, a fight club, a ‘Brohalla’ or ‘Brodin’ place of machismo worship. There are plenty of places on instagram, facebook and youtube for that.